Why taking a break saved my untidy mind

Today has been the first day back in my office after a week and a half off work. 7 nights of that were spent in Malta enjoying the sun, cocktails and quality time with my mum which was followed by a few days with my husband and the pooch when I got home.

This is something that doesn’t happen very often. Since launching my businesses 3 years ago I haven’t really had that much time for a break. I’ve worked all hours I can to earn a living, planned a wedding and generally rushed around from meetings to networking events and skype sessions like a crazy lady while trying to meet deadlines. As a result of this, I’ve had less time for myself, my husband, family and friends and I rarely switch off.

Juggling too many balls …. one of them will obviously drop. 

To be honest over the past few months I’ve really struggled to fit everything in. My friends and family always used to think of me as the organised one … I would be the person who arranged days or nights out, my home used to be spotless, I was on time for everything, my desk at work was super organised, I always replied to text messages, my inbox was up to date and the dog was walked twice a day for an hour each time without fail. I had piece of mind and felt on top of things.

That was then. Now I make arrangements for lunch with friends and forget to turn up (sorry again Jane and Rachel), I double book myself because I forget to put things in the diary (personal things not work) and I pack for my holiday at 11pm when I have to be at airport for 5am the next morning without having a clue what to take with me. I literally just shoved things in the case with no thought. So guess what? I forgot some essentials!

In other words, I’ve become the most disorganised version of myself I can be. I know some of you will probably think ‘so what? or ‘Welcome to my world’, but if you normally have an organised mind and life like I do (some would say borderline OCD) then you’ll understand that this has really freaked me out.

So I took a break. 

Yep. I completely switched off. No emails, very limited social media, no work, I only responded to text messages from my husband and my close circle of friends. And guess what? …. it felt AMAZING! I had no worries and no big decisions to make other than which restaurant to choose for our next meal.

I read books that have been on my list to read for months, reflected on some things and I took a real step back from my chaotic schedule to figure out ways I can prioritise and be more organised.

When I got home last Thursday I got organised. I unpacked, cleaned the house, walked the dog and cleared out my wardrobe. Very therapeutic. I’ve also:

  • pulled together a daily schedule to help me have a more balanced life.
  • put everything I can think of in the diary (I hope I haven’t forgotten anything girls!).
  • listed all the projects I need to do for the remainder of the year for work.

So now hopefully I’ll be a better business owner, wife, daughter, sister, cousin and friend because I’ll actually make time for as much as I can.

Who would have thought taking a week and a half off work would help me get my s**t together?! A tidy mind equals a tidy life I suppose.

And that’s how taking a break saved my untidy mind. If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed with things then maybe you should take a break … it doesn’t necessarily need to be a week’s holiday, it could just be a couple of hours to yourself to clear your head.

How do you keep a tidy mind? Comment below or on my Facebook page Balancing in Heels. 





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