Summer holiday must haves 2017 

It’s less than 2 weeks until I head off to Malta for a well earned break. Here’s my plan for the week – relax, read, eat, drink then relax some more. Good plan if you ask me!

So I’ve (finally) started thinking about what I’m going to take and realised that when it comes to packing for a summer holiday there are certain things that a girl really needs.


So here it is – my list of summer holiday must haves for 2017:

  • Clothing: The most obvious must have of them all. I haven’t decided what I’m taking yet so that should be a fun thing to do this weekend (Not – I hate this part as it usually takes a while).
  • My travel wallet: This is essentially my go to for every holiday. It’s bright coloured, so it’s easy to find in my bag and contains all of the information I need to get me through my holiday, from currency and my passport to insurance documents and hotel / transfer details. I use a big wallet with compartments to help me keep organised and think everyone needs one of these. It minimises stress of trying to find everything.
  • Sunglasses: Definitely a summer essential!! Good sunglasses can really help you finish your look while on holiday. I like to try and take a fun pair that I might not necessarily wear when I’m at home.
  • Costume jewellery: Once I’ve decided on clothes I can think about what jewellery to take with me. I tend to wear quite bright coloured outfits then finish them off with nice costume pieces. If you can manage to get enough different pieces of jewellery then you can take less outfits and mix and match (saves on the packing).
  • A hat (that is easy to pack): Anyone who has ever been shopping with me will know that I can’t walk past a hat section without trying one on. I love a massive hat and usually use my time away as an excuse to buy the most ridiculous one I can find. This year, to be fair, I’ve been quite laid back about the size – still love it though (see the photo below).
  • My kindle: This holiday is all about relaxation and the only way I can do that is if I take a lot of books to read. Some will be business and some pleasure. I’ve downloaded quite a few onto my kindle in preparation and am excited to read them!
  • Shoes (and lots of them): As always, I take quite a few pairs of shoes, usually a mix of flip flops, maybe one pair of court shoes, a pair of high sandals and some wedges. I ALWAYS over pack my shoes.
  • My portable charger: Because I’m taking my phone, kindle and iPad I’ll be taking my portable charger to keep my batteries going when I’m by the pool or out and about.
  • Toiletries / make up: Yes I’ll be taking everything that I would usually use at home (plus sun tan lotion and after sun) so I can look after my skin in the sun. Most of the products I use are SPF any way so that’s a definite positive.

Looking at this list it looks like I’ll be packing light, but trust me I wont. It never works out that way. Once I start packing my must have list will become a lot bigger and my case will be a lot heavier!

What are your summer must haves? feel free to comment below or on my Facebook page Balancing in Heels.



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