7 reasons why I only use vegan products

I’ve always paid attention to my skin (I started moisturising at a young age) but until a couple of years ago (just before I started my health and wellness business), I never really gave much consideration to the ingredients in the products I was putting on it.

I had a good skincare regime and just assumed that because the products were expensive and I bought them from a reputable shop that they would be good for me.

It wasn’t until I did some research that I made the choice to change to vegan products. (Notice I said choice – I’m not trying to preach that you should change to vegan, it’s just my personal preference.) So here are 7 reasons why I use vegan products:

  1. They don’t test on animals: Vegan products contain no animal derived ingredients and are usually completely cruelty free. This is something that I personally think is really important, so this was a huge selling point for me as a consumer.
  2. They contain natural ingredients: A lot of people consider what they’re putting into their body don’t necessarily consider what they’re putting on it every day. I feel better knowing that my skin is absorbing the right vitamins.
  3. They’re kinder to my skin: I have quite sensitive skin and the chemicals in the products I used to use weren’t helping. I would sometimes go red and I had a lot more spots then. I still occasionally get spots now, but it’s definitely improved. I also know women with skin conditions like rosacea who’ve experienced a massive improvement in their skin after using vegan products, so that in itself appeals to me!
  4. Make up brushes freak me out: I didn’t realise until I did some research (yes I’m that much of a geek) that non-vegan make up brushes can be made from the tails of horses, squirrels, mink and goat … that’s a bit too close to their bum for my liking! Ugh! 
  5. I get more product for my money: Vegan formulated products don’t contain bulking agents (i.e. thickening solutions), so consumers like me and you benefit from getting more of the genuine formulated product in the containers. I don’t mind paying a higher premium for more product.
  6. I have healthier skin: Animal rights aside, our skin is our largest organ and one that I’d like to look after mine in a way that suits me. If you look on the label of some products you may see an ingredient that can harm your liver or another part of your body. While I drink alcohol and occasionally eat junk food, which will probably do the same, I’d rather not absorb it into my skin.
  7. I genuinely prefer them: Vegan products are better for me. The ranges I use are better in every way – from packaging to smell. Knowing that no animal was tested on during formulation is very much an added bonus.

I’ve noticed recently that vegan products are becoming easier to buy in supermarkets. Just last week I bought a candy floss flavoured body mist from my local supermarket. It’s good to know that if people decide to switch to vegan products that they’re not difficult to get!

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