7 reasons why I love Lauren Conrad

In the second in my series of blogs celebrating inspirational women in the public eye, I’m explaining 7 reasons why I love reality TV star, fashion designer and entrepreneur, Lauren Conrad. 

Ok hands up who remembers Laguna Beach and The Hills? (Only the best reality TV shows EVER in my opinion).  These shows were on TV well before the shows we watch now like Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Bachelor, I’m A Celebrity and Love Island (which don’t compare).

For me these shows were both my introduction to reality TV and also where I first discovered Lauren Conrad. I was around 18 when Laguna Beach first hit our screens – I watched the full 3 seasons of that then 6 seasons of The Hills. Every Sunday evening at 8pm, my friend Stacey and I would sit in front of the TV in one of our living rooms for our weekly dose of reality TV and it never disappointed us.

So why do I love Lauren Conrad? Here are 7 reasons:

  1. I feel like I’ve grown up with her: We’re roughly the same age so I was going through similar things to her at the same – teenage drama, relationships, education and career. Since she left The Hills, I’ve continued to follow her on social media where we’ve both progressed our careers, launched businesses and got married. She’s an easy celebrity for me to relate to because of this and I’ve been a fan of her longer than I’ve known some of my friends!
  2. She’s always stayed true to herself: You see a lot of celebrities ‘sell out’ to fame in Hollywood and they change. She portrays herself on social media as someone who is still the same person in spite of her fame and that’s an admirable quality.
  3. Her sense of style is always on point: I’ve always loved Lauren’s fashion sense. From her hairstyles to her make up, her outfits and accessories, she always manages to get it just right (unlike me!).
  4. She’s a successful entrepreneur: This is probably one of things about her that inspires me the most. She’s a fashion designer with a collection at Kohls and an author.
  5. I feel like she’s normal just like us: She never comes across as someone with an ego. She goes to the shops like we do, runs errands like we do and goes to the gym like we do. See, just normal!
  6. She oozes elegance: She has a reputation as ‘the girl next door’ – I’ve never seen anything negative written about her or seen her post anything bad. She has an image that is both classy and friendly and never comes across as someone who is desperate for fame.
  7. She’s the friend you want in your corner: As we’ve seen in The Hills, she’s a very loyal friend (yes I know what you’re thinking …. it was all scripted – well it was but based on their personalities so I’ll interpret it that way).

When we look at some of the celebrities in the limelight now, they aren’t necessarily the best role models for young women today. I think Lauren, along with the other women I’m featuring in my #Beyourownbeautiful blog series are and they should be praised for it rather than ridiculed.

*Photo credits: US Weekly and Lauren Conrad’s website / Instagram. 



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