Confessions of a shoe fanatic

Those of you who follow me on social media or know me in person will know that I have a slight (ok big) obsession with shoes … yes that’s why this blog is called Balancing in Heels.

It’s always been a thing for me. Years of watching Carrie on Sex & The City and following shoe designers like Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik made me realise if there’s one aspect of my outfit that needs to make a statement, it’s my shoes.

Growing up, my grandma often referred to me as Northumberland’s version of Imelda Marcos  because I’ve always had a huge shoe collection (what she always failed to mention was the fact I inherited my obsession from her).

So why shoes? Well for me they complete an outfit like nothing else can and they make me feel good when I wear them, BUT there is a down side to being a shoe fanatic.

So here it goes … confession time:

  • The shoes on my shoe rack are probably worth more than the entire contents of our bedroom. Yep, I’m including my furniture and my TV in that.
  • I can’t EVER walk past a shoe shop without going in, especially if there’s a sale.
  • My shoe collection is taking over our wardrobe (I’m trying not to take over my husband’s side but I will probably have to soon). My ultimate goal is to have a walk in wardrobe, but that dream will have to wait until we get a bigger house.
  • I can’t leave Primark without a pair of shoes ….. they’re so cheap and cute! Last time I came home with six pairs. Oops!
  • I over pack when I go away. A few weeks ago I took 5 pairs of shoes to Edinburgh for a 2 night stay for a work conference.
  • My feet ACHE the day after nights out, weddings etc because I always wear huge heels.

Ok so there you have it, these are my confessions. There are good and bad aspects of being a shoe fanatic, but you know what? I’ll never change and next time you see me I’ll still be wearing a killer pair of shoes (probably courts, they’re my favourite style).

Here’s a quote I shared on my business Facebook page earlier today. Very apt. Let’s all be a pair of stilettos.


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