We did it … We got married! 

I know what you’re thinking … I’ve been a bit quiet recently. There’s a very good reason for my silence – I got married! 

On Saturday 1st October my then fiancé and I tied the knot at The Grand Hotel in Tynemouth and we had the most perfect day. 

For those of you preparing to get married I’ve pulled together a handy guide with tips I’ve learned throughout the process to help you plan for your big day. 

Choose the perfect venue: This for us, was probably the most important aspect of the day as it was the secret to our success! Picking a venue with an experienced team who treat you like you’re royalty and makes you feel special really makes a huge difference. Our team at The Grand Hotel were amazing in both the lead up to the wedding and on the day. They really made an effort to reduce any stress to the minimum and managed the day perfectly so I didn’t have to worry about anything but enjoying myself.

Bridesmaids are the best: Choosing my bridesmaids was one of the most stressful parts of the process for me – I even lost a friend over my decision! My advice to you is to pick your bridesmaids wisely and choose the right ladies for you. Mine were amazing from start to finish and were there for me throughout. I probably would have went a bit crazy without them! It’s your decision so don’t be pressured by others. 

Suppliers can make you or break you: I was very careful in picking my suppliers for the big day, using recommendations from ladies I know rather than looking online or just going for it. 

Mine were: 

  • Eye of The Tyne Photography
  • The Balloon Fairy
  • Snaparazzi Photobooth
  • Coco Luminaire 
  • K Beautique 

They were all amazing and played an important role in making our day really special. 

Make sure someone plans your hen festivities: I was very lucky with two of my bridesmaids taking responsibility for my hen. It was AMAZING! They knew me well enough to arrange the perfect weekend for me and reduced my stress by managing it all themselves. They were really supportive from start to finish and were a huge help to me! Ask yours to do the same. 

Book your honeymoon: After an insanely busy time ahead of your wedding, it’s important to reward yourself at the end with a lovely honeymoon so you can spend quality time with your new husband. We chose a relaxed honeymoon in Mauritius and loved every second.

Ignore the politics: Unfortunately everyone has an opinion about what you should do for your big day. My advice to you is to smile, listen to what they have to say then choose what’s best for you. You need to remember it’s yours and your new husband’s day, not theirs. 

I hope you found this guide interesting! Happy planning. 


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