3 sparkly discoveries

As the summer season fast approaches (although you wouldn’t think it by the weather), it’s time to start thinking about new additions to your wardrobe.

This week I’ve spent a little bit of time looking at the season must haves in statement jewellery. During the summer a nice necklace, bracelet or earrings can make a huge difference to an outfit and I’m looking for ways to dress up semi-casual items whilst I’m away.

After being invited to a jewellery party and surfing the net a little bit I discovered these three little gems (please excuse the pun).

Chained & Able: I recently noticed Vicky Pattison from Geordie Shore advertising her new Spirit Collection for Chained & Able. I hadn’t heard of this before and was pleasantly surprised when I looked on their website. The collection isn’t huge but it has some lovely feminine pieces at reasonable prices that you can wear with any outfit.

The Spirit Collection is available online: www.chainedandable.co.uk

Stella & Dot: I’ve heard of Stella & Dot before but didn’t pay much attention to the range until I was invited to one of their trunk show’s at a friend’s house last weekend. I have to say the items aren’t cheap but they are of a very high quality and a lot of the necklaces can be worn multiple ways. There are some amazing earrings and necklaces for the summer too! I ordered a couple of things that should turn up very soon.

Take a look online www.stelladot.co.uk

Diwah Jewellery: This is a very new company recently launched by a North East entrepreneur and I love the concept behind it!! Basically, you get to design your own jewellery online using their interface. The team then makes the jewellery for you and delivers it to your door. The price point varies depending on what you choose in your design and it’s well worth a look if you like the idea of wearing your own collection.

Check out www.diwah.com

I’m sure there are plenty of other places out there with some lovely pieces of jewellery, I’ll keep looking and keep you up to date with my sparkly discoveries.

*Photos have been taken from Twitter and Instagram profiles of Chained & Able, Stella & Dot and Diwah Jewlellery.





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