Be your own kind of beautiful  

Over the past month or so I’ve been saddened to read comments and articles online heavily criticising women in the public eye.

I’ve seen a massive increase of comments on social media where some celebrity women have been criticised for their size, what they wear, how they walk and even whether or not they’ve had a pedicure. 

To try and spread some positivity and compliments rather then negativity and insults, I’ve decided to write a series of blogs under the #Beyourownkindofbeautiful about women in the public eye who inspire me. So here it goes ….


British fashionista: Holly Willoughby

She takes pride of place on our television every week day morning as a presenter on ITV’s This Morning, tries to keep Keith Lemon in check on Celebrity Juice (impossible job!) and hosts hugely successful television show Surprise Surprise, but not even Holly Willoughby is not immune from criticism. I’ve noticed on my Facebook newsfeed recently that she’s getting a bit of a hard time from online publications and I really don’t understand why.

I personally think that Holly not only has her own amazing sense of style, but she comes across as a genuinely nice person on television; something that some presenters don’t always manage to do. I find her to be very relatable – when viewers cry, she cries, when they laugh, she laughs.

So what’s her secret? I think that fame hasn’t gone to her head. She’s retained the ‘girl from next door’ image that helped make her famous and clearly has fun along the way! It’s easy to forget that as well as being a television presenter she’s a wife, mother of three and a business woman with her own fashion line. That’s quite a juggle!

In doing all of this she’s also become a great role model to women and lets her personality shine through. Definitely an inspiration to women and girls everywhere.

One thing I’ve noticed recently as one of her followers on social media is how good she is at promoting her style. I have to say I LOVE everything she wears – I haven’t seen a look yet that I don’t like.She clearly has a great awareness of what suits her figure and pulls it off very well. Here are some of my favourite looks from recent appearances on This Morning.


*Photos have been taken from Holly’s Instagram account

So Holly has featured as the first of many women who inspire me. Who inspires you? Feel free to comment or get involved in the conversation online using the #Beyourownbeautiful.



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