NYFW 2016: Best dressed celebs 

All eyes were on New York last week for one of the busiest and best events of the year – Fashion Week!

I always like to keep an eye on fashion week, not just to keep up to date with latest trends but also to see what the celebs are wearing as they sit beside the runway.

I think last week saw celebs wear the best looks ever! There was fur, pink hair extension, pencil skirts and lace. Here are some of my favourites:

Blake Lively: I don’t know how she manages it but Blake Lively always gets it right when it comes to fashion. Her looks last week were amazing. These two in particular caught my eye – I LOVE these looks. 

Kylie Jenner: Usually I think that Kylie dresses a bit young for me and I don’t always like her style (saying that she always looks amazing!) but I like how she dressed at MYFW. She mixed her outfits between smart casual and dressy. I like how she managed to wear plimsoles and still looked elegant in warm colours. Take a look.


Olivia Wilde: I’m not keen on the sandles here but I really like the dress she wore for the Michael Kors collection. This would be lovely for work with heels.

Jennifer Hudson: This Lacey number is classic and perfect for her lovely figure. Definitely a favourite!

So this was a quick summary for you – there were so many more amazing outfits. I could go on all day!

I’m really looking forward to see how the new season’s trends make their way over the to UK. Watch this space for Spring.


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