Meal of the month: Fat Hippo 

If you’re based in Newcastle, I doubt it will have escaped your notice that last week was #NewcastleRestaurantWeek.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Newcastle Restaurant Week gives local restaurants the chance to showcase their amazing food at discounted prices.

I used this as an excuse (not that I need one) to sample the delights of Fat Hippo Underground in the city centre.

Now I don’t know much about Fat Hippo but everything I’d heard before I went was really positive so I had quite high expectations …. And guess what? It didn’t disappoint.

when we arrived and looked at the menu I was struck by the names of the food …. Items like Stinky Pete, Italian Job and Mac The Ripper really caught my attention. As a PR professional I think it’s a great selling point and very original! I loved the menu straight away. My only issue was deciding what I wanted to eat!!

My other half and I each ordered potato skins for a starter (or dirty skins as they’re known). The portion size was huge so I felt quite full by the end of it but they were lovely!!

For the main meal I ordered a Texas burger and my fiancé ordered Hangover 3. Now I’m not saying this was a mistake for me but what I will say is that I totally underestimated its size. Only when it arrived did I realise that I had ordered possibly the biggest burger I’ve ever seen.

It tasted amazing and was heaped high with onion rings as well as chips! Very lovely but my eyes were far too big for my belly. Saying that I put a lot of effort into eating as much of the delicious burger as I could. It was lush!

So I know what you’re thinking …. Did she order a desert? Erm no I didn’t and neither did my other half. We were totally beaten by the starter and main (don’t you love it when that hallens!) We could barely move by the time we finished the meal so we decided against it.

Would I recommend Fat Hippo? Yes totally! In fact I’m due to go back in a couple of week’s for a friend’s birthday. This time I’ll know that I can’t manage both the starter and a main though!


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