Faux fur or no fur? 

There’s been an on-going debate in my household this week over faux fur after I wore my new gilet for the first time.

My other half really doesn’t like it and thinks it looks ridiculous. I totally disagree & think it looked great with me wearing all black – black jeans, black sleeved top with black ankle boots and a hat.

So why faux fur? Well its been a massive trend this Autumn / Winter. With celebs like Olivia Palermo and Blake Lively wondering around the streets of New York wearing this then why shouldn’t we?!

They can be dressed up with a skirt or worn casually with jeans and boots. Either looks great.

Don’t get my wrong I’m sure this trend won’t be liked by everyone but I’m my opinion its very chique and can really finish off your look. I especially think the gilet looks good with a hat.

So faux fur or no fur? It’s a definite yes to faux fur from me.


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