5 things I’ve loved in 2015 

2015 has been a good year – my PR consultancy has grown from strength to strength, I’ve launched a new health and wellness business, I’ve made huge progress in planning my wedding and of course I started this blog. A busy but successful year if you ask me!

There have been lots of things that I’ve come to know and love in 2015 and since we’re fast approaching the end of the year I’ve been giving a lot of thought about what they are.

So here are 5 of my favourite things from this year:

  1. HATS: I love hats – I can’t walk past them in a shop without trying them on. Fascinators, wool hats or faux fur, I love them all and think they can add a lot to an outfit. 
  2. GEL NAILS: I’ve already mentioned this as a beauty trend for this year, but gel nails have been a big thing for me. I get mine done twice a month and have noticed a huge difference in the strength of my nails.  
  3. NETFLIX: I’ve got a confession to make, I’m a Netflix addict. When I do manage to have some down time I’ve been catching up on TV shows that I’ve been meaning to watch for years like Sons of Anarchy and Dexter.  
  4. FITNESS: For the first time ever I can actually say that I’m starting to enjoy fitness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m rubbish at it and hate most exercises, but I do enjoy Bootcamp classes and running. I would definitely recommend them over the gym. 
  5. ARBONNE: This is by far my biggest love of the year. It’s been a gem of a discovery – the products and the business itself has made a big impact on my skin. That’s why I decided to become an Independent Consultant and launch my own business under the health and wellness brand. 

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