4 ways I’m adding a little sparkle to my home ahead of Christmas 

Christmas is officially on its way (yay). 

The festive season is my most favourite time of year and this week I’ve really started to get in the mood for the visit from the man in the big red suit. 

Alongside some corporate events and watching Elf at a private screening at Tyneside Cinema (which was amazing by the way – I love that film), I’ve been prepping my house  for the big day.

Here are some little touches I have added to my home to give it a little extra sparkle this Christmas. 

  1. Decorations: This is an obvious must for anyone during the festive season. I put my tree up last night (a little ahead of the 12 days, I know!)  
  2. Fairy lights: These make a real difference to a home at Christmas time and look really cute. This picture really doesn’t do it justice.  
  3. Candles: Have you ever heard anyone say “It smells like Christmas” – well I like to buy candles that make my home smell like it. This week I bought a Holiday Magic scented Yankee Candle and I love it! It smells so nice.  
  4. Actual sparkle! My home isn’t complete without some actual sparkle. This is my little tree topper and I have some cute glittery ornaments. A great way to finish off decorations.  

So now my house is ready it’s time to finish shopping for presents! 


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