6 make up brush essentials

Over the past week there have been a couple of occasions where the topic of make up brushes has come up in conversations when I’ve been talking to friends, clients and colleagues – what types are needed, what for and how they fit into your routine for applying every day make up.

Now before I start giving you my opinion on this, I have a small confession to make … I only recently started using make up brushes on a daily basis. Before this I only used brushes for applying eye shadows and bronzer.

Despite being a bit of a newbie, I’ve picked it up quite quickly and now I couldn’t be without them. So here are my 6 make up brush essentials.

  1. Powder brush: This will be one of the larger brushes in your collection. It is used for applying loose or pressed powder or bronzer.
  2. Cheek brush: This type of brush is usually shaped on a slant so it can cover your cheeks. It can be used to highlight your cheeks or to blend your make up.
  3. Liquid foundation brush: If you’re like me then using this brush will take a bit of practice as I tend to put too much on the brush. The trick is to put a tiny bit of foundation on the tip of the brush before applying it to your face.
  4. All over eye brush: This one is ideal for applying eye shadows across your full lid. I tend to use this for my base colour before shading.
  5.  Shading brush: Perfect for applying more defined colour to the crease of your eye. It is really good for blending and highlighting too.
  6. Slant brush: This one will be the smallest in your set and can be used to either to colour your eye brows or as eye liner brush for dark eye shadows. The shape of the brush means you can either have a thick or thin line, depending on your preference.

In terms of brand, I currently use Arbonne’s cosmestics brush set as I’ve found these ones to be still soft on my skin, even after a number of washes.


My recommendation to you would be to find a set of brushes that suit you and make good use of them. It’s definitely worth it for having a more refined look to your make up!


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