My top 5 beauty trends of 2015

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The end of 2015 is fast approaching and now is the time of the year when we start reflecting on what has been.

So what has 2015 been like for you? For me it’s been quite the revelation. I’ve discovered so many new beauty products and looks that I’ve never really thought of trying before, either due to lack of awareness of what suits me or the lack of confidence to try.

I’ll be honest, not everything I’ve tried has worked for me or complimented my look, but those that have worked have really helped change my  beauty routine for the better.

Here are 5 beauty trends that I’ve come to know and love throughout 2015:

  1. Merry in Berry: Eye liner, lip liner and lipstick in the berry shade has become a recent obsession of mine. Every time I wear I receive a compliment on my make up and I think that’s due to the fact that this colour really suits my complexion, especially at this time of the year. I would definitely recommend giving this colour a go! Berry
  2. Multi-coloured eye lashes: This year, more than any other, I seem to have been drawn to coloured mascaras. I now own a blue, purple and brown one at the moment to compliment the black one I normally use. My favourite is my blue mascara by Benefit which forms part of their ‘They’re Real’ collection. Blue mascara
  3. Flaming lips: Every lady sometimes likes to have red lips … especially during the festive season. I’ve worn red lipstick quite a bit over the summer because I tend to wear a slightly darker tone of make up and it goes well. Red lipstick
  4. Highlighting: Contouring seems to have been the buzzword of beauty trends this year. I have to say I’m yet to delve into contouring itself but I have been having a go at highlighting and this is something I’m really interested in (and it’s my way of working up the courage to try contouring). By highlighting key features on my face (cheek bones, under eye brows, under eyes) I’ve found that my make really looks good, especially in front of a camera. Great for Instagram on a night out!
    sheer highlighter
  5. Gel nails: Having my nails done has been a huge thing for me this year. Once a fortnight I go to the salon and have shellac gel put onto them. It’s really helped them grow – they now look so much healthier, stronger and professional when I’m in meetings. Gel nails



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